Monday, September 22, 2008

What to wear this week- Scour the sales rack!

Lately my favorite stores (which are not so cheap) have been having AMAZING sales. (blame the economy of course) so if you are able to go out there and purchase some new fall fashion I totally recommend j.crew. This weekend, I had to completely restrain myself from filling up my online shopping cart with huge, huge deals. So instead, I suppose I can have my fashion fix by showing you all a few of my favorites from the sale section. Go ahead, treat yourself to a little something fabulous! Just tell your man how much you saved ;)

cotton and cashmere sweater $49.99

jeans $49.99

Joelle blouse $19.99 (was $98!!!)

dog polo $19.99 (okay okay, but come on, so cute!)

warm up with a cute jacket! $199

brown suede shoes $99


::::Lula Boutique:::: said...

OMG! So awesome! I love jcrew and if they're having a sale then I'm there!! got some terrific deals!! :)

Mary Ann said...

Great finds. I love that red jacket - I don't need it, but I really, really want it!

Crystal said...

Ohh... was just in j.crew this weekend... I'm in love with the wool pencil skirts, but they're not on sale yet....did some damage at Banana though!