Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Good Design- Tea Forte

This weeks good design is being brought to you because I LOVE TEA. And after chatting with a few fine folks from the Minnesota Etsy Street Team about tea, I needed to just write about it for a bit while I drink it!

The new packaging design for Tea Forte is absolutely and simply stunning. It really brings the idea of high end gift giving to a new level. Now, I enjoy loose tea myself, the packaging alone for this tea makes me want to try it. Of course, I am a sucker for great designed packaging. Designers do what they do because of shoppers like me! I simply love the clean architectural presence of these little tea bags. AND, not only did they come up with a great product design, they came up with accessories for your tea. They have specific cups and holders to fit your special little tea bag. This tea product manufacturer was serious abut making a whole market for its product! I could spend a long time on their website filling up my cart with o so delicious tea products!

The Dieline Blog (a HUGE favorite of mine) has some great comments about this new tea product and its packaging. I invite you to read here!


kim* said...

this is super neat

Christopher And Tia said...

I love that the tea bags have little leaves dangling from them. That makes me want to drink it.

Beth said...

Love the designs! These would make great Christmas gifts for the tea lovers in my life.

Waterrose said...

OH those are fabulous! Now off to check it out further...they will make great gifts!