Thursday, May 31, 2007

Neapolitan Delight!!!

I just finished a new pair of earrings: Neapolitan Delight! I love them so much that I made a pair for myself too!! :) as of right now I don't have any more of the brown pearls so you better snatch up these earrings while you can!

hmm, I seem to be going through a food naming phase!

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Chocolate & Cream Dream

I just posted a new addition to The Nature Collection tonight. They are these lovely Chocolate & Cream Dream Earrings on the left. I have been a bit busy (and lazy) to post to my etsy store lately but I am going to make a bunch more earrings and bracelets tonight with all my lovely pearls and wooden beads. You will just have to come back soon to see what I've created!

In other news: I am busy cooking up a website for! I am happy to announce that I bought that domain last weekend. I can't wait to start getting it going. Though I will imagine it will take some time. I went to the library today and got a few books on dreamweaver. Hopefully once I get the layout simplified in Illustrator it won't be too hard to figure everything out and get a shopping cart in, ect. Ok, Ok, sorry for the geek out. I will inform you all of updates!

Saturday, May 26, 2007

Buy one get one FREE

Hey all! Sorry it has been so long since my last post! The internet in my condo has been out for about three days and the other days....I was being lazy!

I NEED to get rid of a few things from my Etsy shop before they expire! So check out my BUY ONE GET ONE FREE section.

if you would like something from another section and one from the SALE section I will give you 1/2 off the sale item.

Friday, May 18, 2007

50 Sales!!!

I woke up this morning to find that during the night I had sold my 50th item! WOOHOOO! I am so excited! I had hoped to make this goal at the end of April but I only hit 43 instead. Though it is understanable as I haven't given Etsy enough care and attention as I started planning my wedding (and working out {almost} every night...).

Thanks everyone who has stopped by my shop, made nice comments about my stuff, and have even bought some items from me! Etsy has been a truely great experience for me!

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Sneak Peak

I started my new project yesterday and I took some pictures to show you all! This is just a sneak peak of what is to come! I am so happy to be using my new tools! The first cut brought be back to the days I took classes in metalsmithing. I miss it so much! Hopefully this will be in my store by the end of the week! Check back for more pics soon!
In other news: I might take a screen printing class! It is only $45 for 4 weeks!!! Just think of all the cool things I could design for Etsy! My shop would be full of my crazy screen printed designs!! Just thinking about it makes me want to sign up!

Sunday, May 13, 2007

The Nature Collection

I recently purchased a TON of wooden beads to start a new collection. I have felt that I need to be more focused on my designs and I would like to start going in new and different way by creating different collections for all my pieces.

I have been listing the Nature Collection on Etsy and I hope you like them!

Saturday, May 12, 2007

I found IT!!!

I am so happy to be writing that I found my wedding dress!

I am in Omaha this weekend visiting my fiance's family and his mother and I went to a bridal shop this morning. We had been to this store before and I had already tried on several dresses that I loved. The problem was picking just one! I narrowed it down to 2 dresses by the same designer Pronovias. Their designs are stunning. When I went back today, I put on the first of the two dresses and I just knew it had to be mine! I didn't even try on the other dress I was considering and were only there for 20 minutes!!!

The Dress: Gorgeous! Very vintage looking with the most amazing beads, embroidered lace and my personal favorite detail is the dotted swiss lace overlay!

The great thing is that the one at the store zipped up perfectly but was a tad on the tight side, the bad thing is that now I gave my fiance full reign to kick my ass into workout mode!!!

Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Working out sucks....

Every day I fight the battle. I drive home from work knowing that I really need to work out. (I have a wedding dress to fit into after all) I get in the door of my condo and think naw, not today. Well today was no exception, except that my fiance was home and already in his workout gear. He took one look at me and told me to get ready to work out! HA! It's so great to have a support (force) system. I would probably never work out. I am just too unmotivated!!! How do you all do it? I know I feel better when I do it. But still, I would rather lay down or take a nap! I am so lazy!

Monday, May 7, 2007

One long weekend

I am happy to be posting that it is Monday and I am no longer running around town! This past weekend I went to my hometown with my fiance to look at venues, churches, and photographers for our upcoming wedding. What an ordeal! We quickly came to the conclusion on the church since I went to school there when I was growing up (k-8) and I have a lot of memories there! The reception venue is another story however. The place I want most is all full for next summer and I am currently trying to weasle my way in! Unfortunately, the venue just lets people call in and reserve spots without a down payment so hopefully some of the those people who just reserved a space will back out! (I would appreciate some good thoughts being sent my way as I try to get it!)

Our last stop of the day was to a wonderful photographer. They shoot the most beautiful candid shots and love their style. Being an art director makes me very picky about photography! I would love to have this studio but the prices are very expensive!! I have even looked around and noticed others that may be equally or less talented are just as expensive...

So for today, I will leave you all with one question....

How do you plan a wedding on a tight budget!!!!????

Wednesday, May 2, 2007

7 things you didn't know!

I was recently tagged by Stephanie from Island Blossom to write up 7 things about me that you don't already know! Here it goes:

7. I am getting married next summer!
6. My fiance is going to law school in the fall.
5. I love sugar candy! someone pass me the sweet tarts!
4. I love to sleep! I could nap all day long.
3. I am originally from Minnesota!
2. I love to go boating. If there was a lake around here I would go every day. (oh, and also, if I had a boat!!!)
1. My favorite color is blue! love it!

Tuesday, May 1, 2007

I-Cubs Game!!

Last night I got a call from a good friend just as I got home, she told me she had two extra tickets to an I-Cubs game that started in an hour. I originally told her I needed to work out and give her a call back to confirm.... but it took me about 10 seconds to realize I would not be working out!! Matt and I hopped in the car and headed downtown. As we walked into the stadium and down to our seats we realized our tickets were for the front row right behind the home plate! Amazing seats! I have never sat so close! We even had our own waitress to bring us beer and snacks! Man was that awesome!! The I-Cubs were down the whole game and we thought they would definately loose. Sure enough, in the bottom of the 9th I looked at Matt and told him that the batter would strike out and the game would be over.... just as I said that the guy hit a home run and they scored 3 runs!! What a rush!!