Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Just Another Day- Rebranded

So much has happened since I posted last! Seriously where do all the days go!? I have been really busy working on custom orders and such on and off Etsy and pretty soon here I will be getting ready for Craftstravaganza and the Crafted Together Art Shows! I sure will be beat after those two back to back weekends!

To help myself prepare I told myself, 'Courtney, you will HAVE an official logo designed before then!' And I did! I went through quite a few rounds of logos and being a designer makes it extremely hard to pick a direction and just stick with it. I picked another one first and then two weeks later decided that I needed to keep working and came up with the lovely design above (my logo is just the type, this is an image of my whole business card). I really love just simple typography as I don't want my logo to go out of style next year. I think this logo can last me a while :D

Let me know what ya think!


espionage said...

Very fitting to your style. Simple, not messy. Elegant. Great color choice!

Octavine Illustration said...

love the color choice. very simple. beautiful. good luck at the craft shows!

Victoria said...

Beautiful. I love the simplicity!

mcintyre said...

I love your work, but I have to say I'm left uninspired with this one. I think you should let more of your personality come through.