Sunday, November 11, 2007

Excelsior & Grand Art Show Update

Well, the show has come and gone.... and boy am I tired. I am so glad that I did this show before No Coast Craft-O-Rama. I think this prepared me to work my butt off for the next few weeks! I stayed up late every night this week to print out and cut and package my stationery products for the show. I knew that if I had leftovers I could just bring them to No Coast, so it wasn't that big of a deal. Although this show was free I had set a sales goal and luckily I did meet it plus some! Now since I have done my first show I have some tips/lessons I have learned for the next show.

1. Show up on time/early! (I was half an hour late for the show set up time and there was literally NO SPACE FOR ME TO SET UP! This is mostly the fault of those who came early took large amounts of space and left none for the people who came later, hopefully next year there will be equal space for everyone! I nicely asked a lady who had tons of space to move over a bit so I could set up my table. I think a few artists who came in after me ended up leaving because there was no place to go.)

2. Bring food and water. (I talked so much my mouth was dry! Bring lots of water!)

3. Bring a helper. (My fiance was wonderful enough to help me package all my stationery so I let him off the hook and he didn't have to sit with me. But luckily one of my friends decided to hang out and ended up being a great promoter for me!)

4. Price each piece. (Although I had 3 sheets of paper on the table specifying how much each thing was, people rarely looked at it and looked on the package for it instead. So now, I am going to get little stickers that allow me to write quantity and price on each thing. It may be tedious but it will save me the trouble of having to explain it each time someone comes to my booth!)

5. Bring chairs! (Since I was running late, I completely forgot to bring chairs!!! Wow would I have been tired if the spot I got didn't have a few club chairs against the wall!!!!)

6. Load up your car the night before! (Again, always running short on time, it would have helped if I figured out how to fit my gigantic easel in my car earlier...)

7. Use vertical displays. (I have two white box/shelves to use for my display to create some hierarchy between my products but I forgot it. I didn't mind my display in the pictures at all, I thought it looked fine, but I would have liked to get rid of some of the clutter with the extra boxes.

Hopefully a few of my mistakes will be your gain!


Devil's Paradise said...

I really love the clean, simplicity of your display! Your diplay compliments your items. I just did a show on Friday that was "first come first serve" for the booths... so I second the "get there early" tip!

beckie said...

Congrats on hitting your sales goal and I agree that your display looked nice and inviting and complemented the style of your work.

Good luck at your next one!

Di said...

It was so smart to do a trial run at a smaller show to get ready for the BIG one. Sounds like you learned a lot that will make the next show run beautifully. Good Luck to you!
love, di
p.s. I loved the pictures of your display. Everything looked great!

Jacqniel said...

Wow! Looked great! I am so glad you did this early one, too. Now you know a bit more what to expect at No Coast. Anxious to hear all about it! Love, Jacque

PumpkinGirl said...

Nice display! Looking forward to checking out your stuff at No Coast!

Kellybot said...

I'll be there at No Coast (looking and buying, not selling) - I'll give you a break if you want!

woodmouse said...

Great tips! Thanks so much for sharing! I think your display looks great, you made great use of different levels and I love the colors.

High Desert Diva said...

Shows are tricky to set up...I know what you mean about running short of time.
Good idea taking notes for next time!
Display looked great...good job.
Nice blog, too.
High Desert Diva