Thursday, November 1, 2007

Another front page!

I got back from lunch today, and there were my poppy cards chillin on the front page again! Unfortunately out of my 2 front pages this week, I did not make any sales. I seem to be stuck at 105 sales. So after all the extra exposure and still nothing, I clearly need to start trying some new tactics. I have started listing/relisting more than once a day and I am designing like crazy coming up with new designs to fill my shop. I will also be promoting my designs harder than before and with a new consignment deal and a few art shows coming up, hopefully my slow streak will end!


Angie said...

congrats on the 2nd front page! And who knows how many other times you have been on there and just didn't see - sometimes they change so quickly! Great work! :o)

Michelle said...

That's great you made the front page again. Some people miss it. I made it there once and sold an item. I wonder how many times I was actually on it LMAO