Thursday, January 7, 2010

Ring a Day Challenge

Ring A Day Project 1. 1.1.2010, 2. 1.2.2010, 3. 1.3.2010, 4. 1.4.2010, 5. 1.5.2010, 6. 1.6.2010, 7. 1.7.2010

I am participating in this AWESOME Ring A Day challenge by Etsy Metal so I thought I would blog once a week with all my pics from that week! I am not a member of Etsy Metal (yet!) but I am happy to be participating in this great creative exercise!

Here are the details:
The challenge is open to anyone and everyone (not just EM folks)! Please join in on the fun! The idea is just to make a ring a day...out of anything. It can be a twist tie, a donut, an old t-shirt, or a 7 hour gold ring...whatever you like or have time for. The hope is that you will do this every day, wherever you are. Join us and post your daily pics in the flickr group: Ring a Day.

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Anonymous said...

i've used some of your images on my blog, as an inspiration, so i wanted to ask if that's okay with you.