Friday, September 25, 2009

Project Runway Sixth Episode

project runway 6
This episode gave the designers a lot of creative freedom and it was great to see what each person could dream up in their heads. I personally LOVED the outfit that Chris (MN designer!) made and I LOVED his story line- a vampiress who falls in love with a man and must decide to wed him and turn him into a vampire or just runaway and leave her love forever. It totally falls in line with all the twilight-esque movies, books, and shows out there right now. I didn't think the actual winning look by Nicolas was really all that great NOR did I like the person they kicked off this episode. I was really shocked that Ramon got the boot, especially since he is from MN! I think Louise should have gotten the axe, considering she picked her own genre/style and couldn't produce!

Auf Wiedersen!

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