Wednesday, June 6, 2007


As some of you know, I am a full time Art Director (basically graphic designer) so I love to design on the computer. My dream some day after starting up my own design business is to design stationery for the few people who still love to hand write notes. I simply love to create random designs and patterns that I can not design in my ad agency (for fear of the client wondering what the hell I was thinking!) Etsy has given me a great opportunity to test the waters and see if anything will sell and so far I have had a decent response!

The stationery on the left is one of my more popular designs: Red Bird Blank Notecards



Grace said...

Hello! I just saw your post in an etsy forum and thought I'd check out your blog. :-) I used to make handmade cards before knitting took up all my time! Yours are lovely. Do you design anything else on the computer?

JustAnotherDay said...

Hi! I design lots on the computer! I am a graphic designer in real life so I get lots of use out of my design programs!! Etsy has given me a great outlet to use my creativity!

TVTrayArt said...

I love your style! Your graphic design skills are to die for! I think it's great that your day job and Etsy can collide in such a fashion!

pamela michelle said...

Great cards! I too am a graphic designer by day, and it's a great feeling to go home and design whatever you want without clients telling you to do silly stuff like use comic sans because it's "cute"

(yes, that's right I nerded off and called out a typeface....and what!)

:) Good Luck on your artsy endeavors!